Garden Organizations

As a voice for Ottawa’s Garden Community, Gardens Ottawa encourages you to support these garden organizations.

Just Food

A local, non-profit, community-based organization that works on both rural and urban food and farming issues in Ottawa and the surrounding region.

Ottawa Horticultural Society

The mission of the Ottawa Horticultural Society is to cultivate an interest in plants and gardening in order to create a beautiful community.

Master Gardeners of Ottawa Carleton

A group of trained volunteer Master Gardeners in the Ottawa area who offer free garden advice and help year round.

Friends of the Farm

A volunteer organization helping to care for the Arboretum, the Ornamental Gardens and other public areas of the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa.

Landscape Ontario

Find a company, find a garden style or find a plant resource plus extra links.

Canadensis Botanical Garden Society

We are the registered charity focused on Building a National Botanical Garden in Ottawa


An Ottawa based service site to gardeners, promoting gardening events, native plants, bloggers, articles and suppliers.

Garden Promenade

A service of Gardens Ottawa, the promenade promotes tourism and well-being ith tours through Ottawa’s Gardens.

Poet's Pathway

A walking and biking trail of approximately 35 kilometres, running from Britannia Beach, throughout Ottawa and ending in Beechwood Cemetery where the poets lie.

Wild Pollinator Partners

The WPP-PPS network brings together people who are interested in wild pollinators, concerned about their resilience and survival, and are motivated to help.

The Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club

Over 800 members participate in many aspects of the natural world, from birding to botanizing, investigation to publication, conservation to cooperation.

Bat Conservation International:

Conserving the world’s bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy Planet



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