Ornamental Gardens of the Central Experimental Farm

An 8-acre showcase of hardy perennials and shrubs developed in Canada and collected from around the world. Many of the lilacs and roses are proudly Canadian-bred. Gardens include the Saunders peony collection, annual, rock, hosta, and sunken gardens.

A favorite site for wedding parties and photographers since they opened in the 1880s.

The Ornamental Gardens are composed of a number of different areas:

the perennial collection,
the rock garden,
the rose garden,
the annual garden,
the Macoun sunken garden,
the Macoun Memorial Garden and
the hedge collections.
Features of the Gardens include:

100 types of irises.
125 different lilac varieties, including a number of “Preston lilacs” developed by Ottawa researcher, Isabella Preston.
65 different plant species in the two hedge collections. The “old” hedge collection contains plantings dating to 1891, while the “new” hedge collection dates from 1965.
The Explorer series of roses developed at the CEF and renowned for its winter hardiness.
The Gardens are open, free of charge, to the public.
Area: West


75 National Capital Commission Scenic Driveway, Ottawa, ON K1A 0Z2






Washrooms (nearby with signs to direct you)

Partially Wheelchair Accessible

Child Friendly