Minto Vertical Garden

Minto Place is the primary shopping centre in downtown Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. It’s only a few blocks from the parliament and most of the major international embassy’s, including the US embassy, the largest US government building outside of the US itself.

The architect wanted to give the wall a strong, interesting look for all building employees and visitors to enjoy. The Green Wall design from the architects features unique rectangular shapes filled with similar plants of different colours. The rectilinear areas incorporated stainless steel separators that framed each section like a piece of art. It contains low-light plants because the atrium’s skylight did not provide much (especially in winter).

Installed: February 2010. Size: 512 square feet. Architect: Queens Quay Architects. Plant Designer: Queens Quay Architects, Plant Selection by GSKY.
Area: Central


Minto Place, 355 Slater St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0S4




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Wheelchair Accessible

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