International Peace Garden

Since its creation in 1990, Ottawa’s International Peace Garden has featured a display of early-blooming tulips every spring.

In 1990, the City of Ottawa and the Canadian Tulip Festival (an annual event that dates back to the postwar period) presented the United States with a “peace garden” to celebrate the world’s longest undefended border. The dedication of that garden inspired the 1991 creation of the International Peace Garden Foundation, a charitable organization that promotes human rights and advances global friendship. The foundation works with the Canadian Tulip Festival to coordinate the annual gift of a peace garden from country to country, with the latest participant choosing which country to honour next. More gardens have since been created all over the world, from Italy to Japan.

20 International Peace Gardens

1990 Ottawa, Canada 1991 Washington, DC 1992 Warsaw, Poland
1993 Berlin, Germany 1994 Budapest, Hungary 1995 Strasbourg, France
1996 Ljubljana, Slovenia 1997 Pretoria, South Africa 1999 San Jose, Costa Rica
2000 The Hague, Netherlands 2001 Hiroshima, Japan 2002 Vienna, Austria
2003 Rome, Italy 2004 Athens, Greece 2005 Nicosia, Cyprus 2006 Dublin, Ireland
2007 Bern, Switzerland 2008 Kiev, Ukraine 2010 Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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