SPAO Photo-Synthesis Garden

The SPAO Photo-Synthesis Garden is an incredibly unique outdoor exhibition space. The garden has a custom-built hanging system set up over a large garden bed, pairing the natural world with the created photographic one. The garden introduces students and public audiences to alternative public art displays and materials for photographic or visual art presentation. The garden also introduces concepts of three-dimensional photo-based installations.

The Photo-Synthesis Garden is a partner in the Canadian Tulip Festival, and is part of Ottawa-Gatineau’s Garden Promenade, a showcase of gardens in the region offering unique garden experiences. Special garden attractions, artistic installations, themed events and optional tours occur throughout the season.
Area: Central


SPAO (School of Photographic Arts in Ottawa), 77 Pamilla St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3K7




Parking $ nearby

Wheelchair Accessible