National Arts Centre Rooftop Garden

The NAC has created an ecosystem of sorts; the compost from plant-based containers will be used to grow flowers and herbs in the NAC’s rooftop garden. From there, the freshly grown herbs will be used in one of NAC’s restaurants, Le Café. Additionally, the NAC added two new beehives; the bees will pollinate the gardens and make honey.

The new program was created over the past year out of a collaboration with the NAC, the Compost Council of Canada, Tomlinson Organics, and Gees Bees Honey Company. The composting program is designed to replace plastic food and drinking containers with compostable, plant-based alternatives.

An estimated 500,000 wine and beer cups, utensils, straws, and plates used by visitors at the NAC annually will be diverted from landfills due to the new project.
Area: Central


National Arts Centre, 1 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5W1




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