Heirloom Orchard at Lansdowne Park

Amidst all the sporting fanfare and festivals taking place at Lansdowne Park is an apple orchard, which yields hundreds of kilograms of apples for food banks each year.

The 37-tree orchard was part of the original redevelopment plans but is somewhat hidden at the back of the park, near the eastern entrance.

The orchard is designated as a heritage orchard, which means it contains species of apples completely native to Canada, Le Moine said. It is also completely open to the public, so anyone can go and take a bite.

Hidden Harvest — a local organization that gathers fruits and nuts from around the city so that they don't go to waste — has been using the orchard as their picking grounds for the last few years. Most of the apples go to local food banks, according to volunteer Tina Le Moine. "They're really good apples, no blemishes, so you can just pass them out right to clients," Le Moine told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning.
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