Garden of the Provinces and Territories

400 Sparks St., Ottawa, Ontario 45.4183454,-75.7101049,

Established: 1967 Size:  1.6 hectares (4 acres). These aptly named gardens commemorate the Confederation of Canada's ten provinces as well as the territories. The Garden of the Provinces and Territories commemorates the union of Canada's provinces and territories. Two symbolic fountains highlight a display of the coats of arms and floral emblems of the provinces and territories of Canada that were created as a centennial project in 1967.

Located on prestigious Wellington Street, this garden was redesigned in 2016, in the New Perennial Movement style, using mixtures of long lived, long flowering, strong stemmed perennials and ornamental grasses with interesting seedheads, fall leaf colour and winter bark.  Dominated by Canadian native plant species or their cultivars the gardens also represent three distinct landscape types, woodland (upper terrace), prairie and tundra (lower lawn). 

The east edge of the site also features Canadian Horticultural Pioneer species which showcases a selection of shrub and perennial cultivars and hybrids developed for the harsh Canadian climate by early horticulturalists from across Canada.

Open to the public 24/7

Wheel ChairBus Free  Pet Friendly Child Friendly

On the corner of Wellington Street and Bay Street in Ottawa.

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