Beechwood Cemetery

280 ave. Beechwood Ave., K1L 8A6, Ottawa, Ontario @45.4467031,-75.6613764,2958

The Beechwood Cemetery has extensive gardens throughout its one hundred and sixty acre  property. From spring to fall you will find the many trees and garden beds bursting with colour. There are many varieties of crab apples, magnolias, and lilacs, as well as peonies, irises, and spring bulbs.

Every year there are about thirty-five thousand bulbs planted, which are quickly replaced, when finished blooming, with fifteen thousand annuals.

Our sacred space and reception buildings are surrounded by limestone edged gardens and a waterfall, stream, and pond. There is also another larger pond with a newly retrofitted waterfall across the road in our botanical  cremation gardens.

These gardens house a conifer collection, perennial plant of the year winners, ornamental grasses, and many more annual, and mixed perennial beds.

The veterans section, and our military cemetery have thousands of perennials in the borders in front of the military stones which provide yearlong interest for our veterans and they’re families.

The fall colours throughout the cemetery are as magnificent as any forest. Our sugar, and  black maples, crabapples, and serviceberries provide an array of fall colours, from yellow, to orange, to red.

Most gardens are accessible by interlocking pathways and asphalt roadways.

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All this beauty inspires quiet reflection, get-togethers, walking, painting and photography.

Beechwood Cemetery is open to the public from sunrise to sunset each day. Buidlings are open to the public from 9AM-5PM

Beechwood Cemetery holds a varied of events including a new horticulture tour in the spring, historical tours on requests and on every 4 Sunday of the Month. To see an updated list of events, please visit -


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